Welcome to The Sixth Action, a campaign taking place during the final years of the world of Glorantha. In Western mythology, the Invisible God Makan created the world in the process of five actions. The sixth and last, which is yet to come, is the time of endings, when the world will return to formlessness after a time of great disorder, and the faithful will be rejoined with their maker.

Our campaign begins on the cusp of this time, known to the Orlanthi as the "Hero Wars". This is the story of those men who find themselves caught up in tumultuous events beyond their understanding, and it is the story of how they respond to and overcome the challenges they must endure. Will they surmount them, conquer them, and bend such events to their will — or will they simply ride the currents of Time and find themselves unremembered and forgotten by even their closest kin?

The Time

It has been one thousand six hundred and twelve years since the Dawn, and the end of the Great Darkness. The Red Moon has risen over the lands of central Peloria, and Her light brings all under the sway of the mortal empire which carries out Her commands. The world stands on the brink of a final conflict, a conflagration which will consume it whole.

The Place

This campaign takes place in the kingdom of Sartar, once a proud and prosperous land of free folk, it now lies under the heavy tread of imperial occupation. Taxes sap the wealth of the clans, and infighting weakens the once-strong bonds of friendship. No High King reigns from the sacred city of Boldhome, and so petty tribal kings grab for what power and land they can grasp.  

Our characters live in the Arfritha Vale, a fertile river valley which is home to many clans of different tribes. They live at the crossroads of the continent, where magic, reality, and all directions come together.

First Principles:

Glorantha is a world that operates on the same rules as those we are accustomed to each day in our own reality; swords bite, water flows, grass withers, the sun dies, and disease ravages — but the reasons are those of the ancient world. Odysseus, Achilles, and Aeneas would be at home in Glorantha, as would Beowulf, Gilgamesh, and Cú Chulainn. The magic which suffuses Glorantha modifies, changes, and subverts these principles, but without its presence, the world works as one would expect.

Glorantha is a world of small scales. Cities with more than a few thousand people are rare; villages with more than one or two hundred inhabitants are exceptional. The family is the most important social unit, and a warband of twenty armed and armored men is a powerful force.

Glorantha is a world dependent on magic. Where rulers of Earth use technology and technique, Gloranthan rulers use magic and myth. Where an Earth-man might build a bridge to cross a river, a Gloranthan would set up a shrine to placate the waters. Magic is supreme in Glorantha. One man may defeat a hundred if his magic is potent.

The Sixth Action

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