The Sixth Action

The Dream

Session Zero

It is bright and warm in the dream. Yelm is hot, and the air hangs heavy about you, unstirred by refreshing wind or lanced by drops of rain. The son of the Shah is before you, resplendent in his wargear, with his Magi about him.

She is there, the chief of the magi says, his outstretched hand curled to point with a finger decked with rings. The demon has passed out of this world, and she is trapped. Destroy the ritual grounds, and she will not return. To you this task is given, the finest of the Shah's warriors.

Blessings are laid on you, and the son of the Shah himself touches your standards and imbues them with his might. You feel the spirits within them strengthened by his presence.

And then you are on a wide green field, a long sloping way up to where the demon's tent is stretched like a patch of starry night pulled down from the sky. The enemy is there, and you remember the early days when the fighting was against peasants, and paltry spirits, and mountain bandits come down for loot and plunder. Now they are armored, and form their ranks with order and precision, and the years that have gone by seem not to have broken but strengthened them.

The battle is long and wearying. You fight with spear and shield and sword, your comrades to either side in long lines of golden armor and shining helms. You move with one mind, strike with one spear, shift and flank and parry and break with one thought.

And then the sun goes red. You are almost upon the tent, the demon's army near the breaking point, when the world goes mad. Dead men rise up to fight once more, their wounds undone, their eyes bright with glory. You fight, and fight, killing men who cannot be killed, and then there is a scream like a rent in the world, and the unfurling of great wings.

You see it. The Horror. And on its back, a woman so beautiful she cannot be fully seen. Your eyes burst, your mind melts, and you fly screaming into an abyss of blackness.

And then you wake.


Our “zeroeth” session of the campaign was designed to introduce Glorantha, explore the battle system from Pendragon, and give the players a taste of higher level Runequest play.

Overall, I think it went well. Both Sean and Jason seemed to enjoy the mechanics of the battle system, and found the events intriguing despite their inevitable deaths as a result of the Red Goddess’s birth. For larger battles in the future — that do not place the players in a command role — I think we will continue to use this system.

The failure of this session was the inability to get any kind of use out of the Runequest stats I made for their characters, which was one of the primary goals of the session. There just wasn’t much of an opportunity for it, though I know that the battle system does have mechanics for extended combat. In future, more use of that subsystem should be made. I’ll need to create opportunities for that to happen.

The Dream
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