The Sixth Action

The Judgement of Standar, and a Wedding

Session One

Taran and Yoreth are reunited with Rhydwen on their return from Arrowmound with Berwyn and the rest of his huscarls. They proceed immediately to Bramble Keep, where there is a celebration, as well as a chance for the three of them to catch up and to learn that they have shared in a vivid dream of an ancient battle. Rhydwen suggests that they go visit her learned sister Bleddyn who lives at the famous library in Jonstown to the north.

But until that time, they are still bound to the completion of the task that Taran and Yoreth set out to accomplish. The day after the celebration, the nobles of the clan gather at Round Top to see Orlanth's judgment of Standar. The air grows cold, and strong winds blow as Yoreth and Taran recognize the top of Arrowmound come to earth. Berwyn presents the lawstaff, and both Kallai and Standar make their case before the assembled thanes of the clan. They clasp the staff, and a bolt of lightning slams down, burning Standar but leaving Kallai unharmed.

Orlanth's judgment rendered, and the sentence pronounced by the lawspeaker, the clouds and winds fade away, and Standar storms off down the hill — but not before casting a dark look at Berwyn and his men.

On their way home, the party is ambushed by a group of bandits — perhaps drawn by the gathered nobility of the clan. Their leader challenges Berwyn, but Taran offers to stand as his champion, and defeats the bandit after a short duel. The other bandits, goaded on by the leader's second, charge the group and there is a sharp skirmish. Berwyn himself is wounded, but the bandits are killed or driven off, and Berwyn gifts Taran the slain leader's sword.

The return to Greenstead is a joyous one. They have completed a heavy task and come through unharmed. There is another small celebration, before the work begins of completing the planting and preparing for the marriage of Berwyn and the horse priestess he met during the journey to Arrowmound.

A week goes by, and on the anticipated day, Eneera Horse Priestess and her household arrive. There is dancing, song, and music, and the stead is brightly decked with flowers and cloth. A dragonewt priest comes down from the mountains to officiate, and everyone is reminded of King Sartar's marriage to the Feathered Horse Queen so many long centuries ago.


A slightly disappointing session from my perspective. I did not place the players in a good enough position from which to control events, nor to make meaningful choices. That said, when asked, they all said that they enjoyed it and were willing to play in the future.

No one was particularly interested in the wedding games I had thought up for the celebration, which I think may be largely due to a lack of relevant character skills. I think that I also presented them fairly blandly, so maybe in the future I need to be up front about what they involve, and the possible rewards to be gained by success.

I think in some ways it was good as a first session because it let them explore the system without having to be in the spotlight. In a way, they were sheltered, and could see how things “are done”. Still, it’s an important reminder not to focus too much on the world or the events.

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