Changes to RQG

Unbalanced Weapons

Axes, maces, and other such weapons are Unbalanced — they cannot be used to parry on the same turn as they were used to attack, and can only parry one attack in a melee round even if they were not used to attack that round.

Hit Locations

I don't like how the main target of any attack (the chest and abdomen) are the most unlikely to be hit when using the prescribed hit location chart. We will be using the following chart for this campaign:

1-2 Right Leg
3-4 Left Leg
5-7 Abdomen
8-12 Chest
13-14 Right Arm
15-16 Left Arm
17-20 Head


— the fundamental constant of warfare. Without the will to fight, a force of any size is useless. By the time 25% casualties have been sustained, most units will break and flee the field; a unit that sustains 50% casualties has essentially disintegrated.

An inspiration roll is required before combat begins. This serves as a way to incorporate both motivation to fight and encourages players to have a reason to engage in combat.

To that end, leaders use many varied methods to bolster the morale of their warriors prior to the opening of combat:

Duels - champions from each warband often duel each other, the outcome of the duel has an effect on both warband's morale roll
Speeches - a warband leader may make an Orate roll to try and inspire his men
Song - Men of Harlech, etc.
Dance – think haka
Sacrifices - see the omens section
Omens - see the omens section

Changes to RQG

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