Local Spirits


Wind in Sun-Dappled Leaves (Dryad)
She is our patroness and protector. She is the clan wyter, and without her there would be no clan of the White Oak. We offer her tribute, as our founders did, and fight to protect her and her folk as she works to protect us.
Locus: Her home is in the sacred grove around the White Oak
Magic: She gives council and aid in all we do.


Livali (Naiad)
Livali is a daughter of Borannini. We learned of her when we first came to these lands. She healed Torvald Many Leaps when he was wounded by Chaos, and brought together the spirits which live in our steads.
Locus: The sacred pool at the foothills of the Quivin Mountains
Magic: She has healing magic, and helps us to contact the other spirits of the Arfritha Vale.

Alarik Borgrathsson (Ancestor)
He is a warrior of the Vingkotlings who was buried in a great tumulus ages ago. He guides our clan in war and gives advice on matters of martial import before the ring.
Locus: Alarik lives within his tomb, but can manifest himself to walk beside our warband when he must.
Magic: Alarik fights beside our chieftain in war, and speaks during war councils.

Steading Spirits





Bramble Keep


Many Stripes (Alynx Spirit) (Benevolent)
Locus: Many Stripes roams the forests and hills of the Quivin Mountains. He is rarely found unless he wishes to be, but can be depended on to come when his help is needed.
Magic: Second Sight, Silence

Silver Scales (Trout Spirit) (Benevolent)
Locus: Silver Scales lives in the stream which falls in rippling cataracts from the sacred pool to the Borannini River. He speaks with our fisherman and keeps the river healthy and the fish plentiful.
Magic: Detect Trap, Rivereyes

Brodval (Ambivalent)
Brodval is a warrior from before we came to these lands. He was denied honest burial and maliciously bound to this world, and now he wanders the hills searching for a way to reach Orlanth's hall.
Locus: Brodval seems bound to the Brambleberry Hills.
Magic: Bladesharp, Coordination

Claw Mother (She-Bear Spirit) (Ambivalent)
Claw Mother is the spirit of a monstrous she-bear who ravaged our lands many years ago. She was eventually slain by a band of Odaylan hunters gathered from across the Vale.
Locus: Claw Mother stays beside river and stream, especially when the fish are spawing.
Magic: Demoralize, Strength

Silent at Noon (Menhir Spirit) (Ambivalent)
Locus: Silent at Noon lives in the tall dark standing stone overlooking the meeting of our clan and the Borannini River.
Magic: Befuddle, Detect Enemy

Speaks With Earnest Tongues (Ambivalent)
Locus: This draconic spirit is ancient and delights in speaking riddles to those who come to him. He knows many secrets, but delivers them only wrapped in layers of mysticism.
Magic: Speaks With Earnest Tongues knows much magic, but his true virtue is his wisdom and knowledge of elder days.

Twenty Points (Red Deer Spirit) (Ambivalent)
This spirit is the father of the Red Deer of the Brambleberry Hills. He keeps them strong and healthy, but does not resent our hunters.
Locus: Twenty Points lives in the Brambleberry Hills, and can appear anywhere in them.
Magic: Mobility, Vigor

Cold Light of Morning (Malevolent)
This spirit resides in the ancient ruins to the south. It has survived many centuries.
Locus: The Dead Ruins.
Magic: Attacks those who let their eyes linger too long on his home.

Dead Bandits (Malevolent)
A bandit clan once lived in these hills, but was destroyed by a combined warband of other Vale clans. Some of these men linger on to trouble us still.
Locus: These shades are condemned to wander the dark dells where they once ambushed honest men. On Wildsday they sometimes journey farther and plague us once more.
Magic: They will attack lone men who stray too far from light and heat.

Uk Brav Dina (Malevolent)
This spirit is the last yet to plague us from the time when the Black Cave still freely opened onto our lands. It is patient and clever, and has avoided all attempts to destroy it.
Locus: It is unbound, and appears at night to attack lone men, women, and children.
Magic: Unknown

Local Spirits

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