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This is the wiki page for The Sixth Action. The Orlanthi are not a literate people, and their knowledge is transmitted by oral tradition from person to person. Lawspeakers, those dedicated to the Knowing God Lhankor Mhy, are the repositories of this knowledge, and are relied upon to remember and pass down the deeds and events of the elder days. What is written in these pages comes from those who remember, and their memory is rarely perfect — treat it with care.

Words of the Sages

What You Know: The basics of your knowledge of the world and the people in it

What Your Father Told You: Words from your father about your culture and heritage

Hospitality: What your father taught you

Morden Defends the Camp: An Orlanthi Epic

Your Family: Who are they?

People: Whom do you know?

The White Oak Clan

Villages: Steadings of the White Oak Clan

Tula: The clan lands which belong to them and them alone

Neighbors: Allies, friends, and enemies

History: Since the coming of the Colymar to desolate Dragon Pass

Gods: Deities valued and worshipped by the White Oak Clan

Local Spirits: Spirits known to the White Oak Clan

Treasures: Items of power held by the White Oak Clan

Stories: Tales of the Gods

House Rules

Omens and Foretellings: Glimpses into the future

Weather: How the gods make your lives harder

Artha: The Wheel of Fire

Changes to RQG: Modifications to the rules-as-written

Battle: Synthesis of Burning Wheel's Firefight and GURPS's mass combat rules.

Reputation: A chart/cheat sheet for RQ:G's reputation system

Traveling: How to get where you're going, and then back

Heroquesting: How the Gods World changes you

Main Page

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